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IDP can take care of your consignments’ insurance, covering the loss or damage of the contents in cash, provided that the sender provides the necessary details on the loading list or via the telephone, and pays the insurance premium. The insurance package does not cover loss of profit or damages due to delay.

Consignment Insurance

Based on insured value.

1% of the insured value with a minimum charge of 20.00 Euros per consignment.


Extended insurance cover – Extended Liability insurance for DOX 10E per consignment.
This service offers extended liability to IDP Express’s normal insurance package as set out in the terms and conditions for the transportation of documents, whose replacement in the event of damage or loss can be expensive. 300 Euros per consignment is paid in compensation, irrespective of the actual cost of replacing the documents. Only for DOX & XPD.



Correct packaging = a secure consignment!

Useful tips:

  • Make sure the size of the packaging is suitable for the contents of the consignment to avoid damage.
  • Use special material to avoid the contents moving around.
  • ΧUse tape to seal the consignment.
  • Fragile items should be placed in the middle of the packaging, so as for them to not come into contact with the sides of the packaging.
  • Make sure that all liquids are in containers and sealed inside a plastic bag.
  • Remember that unsuitable packaging can damage the rest of the goods in the consignment.
  • Ensure that gifts are repackaged. Impressive packaging is not always the most suitable.
  • Wrap small items in paper.
  • Use a soft material to wrap around items such as disks, cassettes, and videocassettes.
  • Write the recipient’s address in clear capital letters, ensuring that all necessary details are provided.
  • Do not use the same box for a second consignment, but should this happen make sure the box is not damaged and remove all labels.

To be avoided:

  • Labels marked “fragile” or “caution” simply give extra information and under no circumstances replace appropriate packaging.
  • Remember that it is likely that any consignment will be subject to inspection by the authorities. For this reason, do not use an excessive amount of tape around the packaging.
  • Do not use bags made of fabric or textiles.

Please note that IDP accepts no responsibility for the advice it provides regarding packaging. The customer is responsible for ensuring that the packaging is appropriate prior to transportation.


We are always on hand to provide solutions for fast, safe and reliable consignments, whether they be imports or exports.